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  • Analog speed regulation (0-10V or 4-20mA) operation panel potentiometer speed regulation

    (1) DC0-10V voltage signal: AI1/AI2 connect signal + , GND connect signal - , potentiometer wiring is as follows:


    (2) DC4-20mA current signal can be connected to AI2 and GND (AI3 of HD50 also supports), and pay attention to AI2 jumper CN6 (HD30), CN4 (HD20), CN5 (HD50), short connected to pins 2 and 3


    (3) Parameter setting:


    a. Use the AI1 channel: F00.10=3, F16.01=2


    b. Use the AI2 channel: F00.10=3,F16.01=0, F16.02=2. Adjust F05.00=33313, F05.05=20% when the input is by 4-20mA


    c. Use panel potentiometers: F00.10=3 or 10, F16.01=0, F16.00=2

  • Use panel to set the operating frequency

    F00.10(frequency setting channel selection) =0, set F00.13 (running frequency digit setting) based on actual conditions, set F03.01 (acceleration time) /F03.02 (deceleration time) according to actual conditions.

  • Use terminal digit to set the frequency

    F00.10 (frequency setting channel selection) =1 (terminal digit selection), F15.02 (DI3 terminal function selection) =17 (UP frequency increase), F15.03 (DI4 terminal function selection =18(DN frequency decrease), F15.12 (Terminal UP/DOWN acceleration/deceleration rate) =1Hz/s (based on actual conditions)

  • Multi-speed parameter setting

    Four multi-speed terminals can support setting 15 phase speed. For example, if DI3-DI6 is selected as a multi-speed terminal, set function of F15.02-15.05, and then set frequency F06.00-06.14.

  • Factory data reset


  • The display screen is off when power-on

    (1) Observe whether the power indicator is normal after power-on, and confirm that the input power is normal, whether the panel connection is good, confirm that the main control board power supply 10V, 24V is normal. If it is a high-power machine with a keyboard connection cable, it is also necessary to check whether the connection cable between the main board of the inverter and the base of the panel is connected well.


    (2) On the premise that the panel is connected well and the power supply is normal, the 10V and 24V power supply of the main control board is abnormal, most of the machine is damaged, and maintenance is considered. 7.5Kw and above machines also need to confirm whether the short splinter between P1 and + terminals is connected reliably.

  • User password is locked

     Press F01.00 to input the password, and then change it

  • How to set terminal for forward and reverse rotation of motor

    (1) DI1 and COM indirect forward switch K1, DI2 and COM indirect reverse switch K2 (HD09 and HD09-S connects GND), F00.11=1, (F15.00=2, F15.01=3, F15.16=0, factory default, only need to confirm).


    (2) Switch on K1 for forward rotation, switch on K2 for reverse rotation. The machine would shutdown if K1 and K2 is simultaneously switch on or off.

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