Elevator Modernization Projects

Turkish National Tax Agency

Date: April 25, 2023

Location: Turkish National Tax Agency, Ankara, Turkey


Background of the project

There are a total of 8 elderly elevators (elevator age ≈ 20 years) in the building. Considering that the mechanical parts of the elevators are in good condition and can continue to be used, the Tax Office decided to adopt Hpmont's complete elevator electrical modernization plan to make the old elevators rejuvenate.

Before : German Ziehl Aegg inverter + Turkish Aybey motherboard;


After: Hpmont MONT71 elevator integrated controller.


In order to meet the high-level security management needs of the tax department, all elevators are equipped with the Hpmont Elevator IoT module, which can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of the PC client, elevator failure warning, etc., changing passive maintenance into active maintenance, which greatly improves elevator maintenance, safety and reliability.


In addition, the original two-two parallel connection will be changed to six group control, further improving the operating efficiency.


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