MTCC-V5 Series Elevator Integrated Control Panel

Highly integrated | More efficient | Much safer

Integrated design, greatly saving machine room

Machine room MTCC-V5: 240*1034*192mm

WHD Brake resistance box included)

Machine-room-less MTCC-V5-W:40*945*191mm

(W*H*D Brake resistance box not included)

High performance drive platform

High performance DSP and CPU chip mutually coordinates with each and optimize current sampling circuit, which could realize auto controlling of comfort during elevator running.

Support protocol conversion board

Compatible to other communication modules,better application.

Modular Design

Interplate plug pin connection mode:Plug pins are used to connect boards in control panel saving 60% wiring than before.

Built-in loT module & Bluetooth module

Real-time detecting elevator multiple status, realizing Internet of Everything

Over-the-air downloadfunction, expert provide remote technical support

Cable-simplified design

Shaft cable cores decreased by 37 %

Traveling cable min. cores decreased from 34 to 78

Integrated design of car top board and interface board

The integrated design could reduce fault points, convenient for maintenance.



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