MTCC-V3 Series Elevator Control Panel

Elegant cabinet models are divided into MTCC-V3 (with room) and MTCC-V3L (without room), each function module is designed independently to meet the diversified needs and reduce maintenance costs.

01. More Compact
Saving machine room space

02. Higher Standards
TSG T7007-2022 Standards GB/T 7588.1/2-2020 Standards

03. Modular Design
Each functional module is designed independently to meet diversified needs and reduce maintenance costs

04. Convenient Debugging
Main control board and interface board are designed for easy operation

05. Excellent After-sales
Modular design allows easy replacement of control panel components, reducing after-sales costs

06. More Features
Over-the-Air Technology; Ultimate Brake Function; IOT Module; Electric Brake Release Function


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